What Is A Convection Oven? Is It Worth The Extra Cost?



Ovens nowadays are getting more and more advanced. One of the features that’s gaining popularity is the convection feature. Not just in traditional range oven, but counter top toaster ovens, like the Breville BOV800XL. Today we’ll look at what a convection oven does.

What is convection?  

Well, in plain English, it means moving air. Hot air rises while cool air falls.  And the rising and falling action creates an air current. Imagine a lava lamp, the blob rises because the light bulb at the bottom is heating it up, and it falls because when the blob gets to the top, it cools down. Say you have the oven set for 350 degrees.

The air closest to the heating source, usually at the bottom or the top of the oven, is hotter than the air away from the heating source. When the hot air moves away from the heating source, it get’s cooler, and then it falls back down.

Technically, all ovens are convection ovens, because there is an airflow that occurs naturally from the difference in temperature. When we talk about convection ovens, it should actually be called “forced convection oven”.

Why forced?  

Because instead of just letting physics do it’s work, convection ovens add a fan that force the air to move around more rapidly.

What Are The Advantages of Convection Oven?

For starter, it creates a more evenly heated space. Since the hot air is moving around constantly by the fan, the rack position doesn’t matter as much. Also, if you are cooking on multiple racks, you don’t have to rotate them because the temperature will be the same from the top, middle to the bottom.

Another advantage is shorter cooking time at lower temperature. Since the heat is so evenly distributed, it cooks the food from all angles. Which means you don’t need to turn up the oven as high, and since it cooks more efficiently, it takes shorter time to cook…around 25% faster. If you like crispy crusts, then you are in luck.

Convection ovens creates crunchy crusts because the moving air whisks the excess moisture away from the food. It’s perfect for thicker cuts of meat and some baked goods because it browns without over cooking.

The same principle also works for reheating left overs. You can more quickly reheat the food without making it dry. Convection allows you to use lower temperature yet cooks up to 25% faster.

A convection toaster oven like the Bov800xl does this just about better than any other oven on the market. The smaller profile of this oven means it heats up even faster than a traditional oven, uses much less energy, and even faster cooking time because there is less space to heat up.

Which One To Buy?

As far as the best toaster convection oven goes, you can’t beat the Breville BOV800XL.  Check out this Breville BOV800XL Review to see why it’s rated Number 1 Convection Oven by America’s Test Kitchen.