The Pink Tennis Shoe



    Pink shoes are one of the hottest styles this season, but as much as they are fashionable and fun, and as much as they offer you a great way to add feminine flair to an outfit, you still need to make sure that you’re choosing the right shade to reflect your own personal taste and to suit the clothing you’ll be wearing with them.

    There is a balance between following a style and making it your own. It is easy to want to just dive right in and buy any pink shoes that tickle your fancy while you’re in the stores, but, like anything else, it really is best that you put a little bit of thought into your choice before you make the purchase.

    The two main decisions that you should make are about the style of the footwear – for example, a heel, a tennis shoe, or something else in between – and the actual shade of the color. The shade of your pink shoes is actually an important part of the statement they will make.

    No matter what shade you select, pink shoes will make a statement, however, the actual precise color does help to determine the type of impact that it has. The more you look around, the more you’ll discover that there is no real shortage of different levels of dark, pale, bright, and combinations from which to choose.


    You need to decide if you want solid pink shoes or if you’d only like that shade to accent another more neutral color such as white or black.

    You can also decide whether you want a softer shade, such as a baby or pastel color, or if you want a bold statement color such as the hotter and brighter hues such as fuchsia.

    Fortunately today’s designers know how much we want to be able to alter the way we look in our pink shoes, and they have come up with some dynamite colors from which to choose.

    They have made sure that you can express a fun loving and funky side of yourself, or that you can show your softer side to match a calmer mood or element of your character.