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A delightful and unique gift from My Butterfly might well inspire children to learn something about other cultures and languages. The word “butterfly” itself is would be a great starting point. In French, a butterfly is “papillion”, in Bulgarian, “peperooda”, in Cantonese, “gorgoleta” and in Ethiopian it is “billambilloot”.  Culturally, butterflies feature in many folk […]


Turn Your Butterfly Jars Into a Christmas Tree

If you want to have a unique Christmas tree this year, make one with a few My Butterfly items from our collection. We came up with this great idea for Christmas. Make your own tree. If you do not want to get a real tree and thus save one from being cut, but you also […]


Results from the UK Big Butterfly Count 2011

My Butterfly is here to let you in on the most recent results from the Big Butterfly Count 2011 in the UK. Some of the results were rather surprising to the butterfly expects, while others were expected. With over 34,000 people taking part in the count and with over 322,000 butterfly sightings recorded here are […]


Keep Summer in a Jar

No doubt about it, summer is really almost over. My Butterfly is going to help you keep a bit of it with you throughout the cold months. Evenings are getting cooler, and during the day when there is wind it’s no longer the hot and humid wind that we’ve become accustomed to the last couple […]


Say Bye to Summer and Welcome Fall

The fall is almost here and a beautiful little My Butterfly is the ideal way to make the change. August is the warmest month of the summer season which is a way to remind you that soon the warm summer sun will be exchanged for cooler days and even colder evenings. This is the time […]


Butterflies Need Your Help

Perhaps most of you had a little bug or butterfly collection when you were small. Catching bugs and butterflies and stupefying them so you can add them to your cardboard collection was a favourite thing to do in your childhood. But butterflies in England are becoming extinct. It turns out that the recent research shows […]


Butterflies Inspire Fashion Designers

There are many fashion designers who launch their new butterfly collection this season. The collections are in fact inspired by butterflies and if you look closely you will see that there are jewellery and couture that resemble the beautiful creature. There is no wonder so many people are inspired by the beauty and grace of […]


Collecting Butterflies without Harming Them

Having a butterfly collection is something many people are interested in putting together. It’s a great family activity and a wonderful way to learn and interact with your children. However, there are several downfalls to collecting real butterflies. Though you may be able to easily catch them with a net, the following part isn’t as pleasant. […]