Pickleball Tournament Is A Success!



    “Fun Tournament” was a Huge Success! The Yellow County Pickleball Club was in good spirits during the “YCPC Fun Tournament- Dec 2016” held on December 10th and 12th.

    With over 70 participants of various skill levels SCPC Members 2014, mixed ages and with competitions in Women’s and Men’s Doubles as well as the Mixed Doubles categories, it was a fun and competitive two days for all.

    Another wonderful benefit of the “fun tournament” format was that the random draw and the different matching of partners for each game allowed players to team with folks who they may not normally get a chance to play with.

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    This added to the fun and created an exciting environment. While all participants played very well and had a lot of fun, the folks who made it to the finals matches were consistent and played some very skillful and intelligent pickleball.


    We would like to recognize the winners of the tournament:

    • Women’s Doubles: Lori Keinath and Anita Johnson
    • Men’s Doubles: Anthony Miller and Pete Jordan
    • Mixed Doubles: Linda Shane and Blake Smith

    Thanks to everyone who participated and a special big-time thanks to the tournament director Nolan Christophers. Nolan did a fantastic job of setting the tournament up, keeping it flowing throughout the two days and along with the YCPC officers promoting a fun and enjoyable experience! Nolan has graciously accepted our invitation to officially become the SCPC Tournament Director- yay!

    Again, thank you to everyone who participated and congrats to all the winners! We will surely do this again next year and hope we gained more sponsors, more prices and more players! Advanced Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year guys! We love you all!