Gaining Weight During Pregnancy



    When you are 33 weeks pregnant but already measuring at 35, there are so many reasons that could be attributed to it. First things first, you could be carrying more than one baby. (Yey, it’s a twin!) Naturally though, it is expected that at this time of your pregnancy, if you have more than one baby it will have already been discovered.

    In the rarest of circumstances, some women are not able to know that they are carrying more than one baby in their pregnancies until much later in the pregnancy. That aside, it doesn’t matter if by this time in your pregnancy you have discovered that you are carrying more than one fetus or not, you will measure larger if you have more than one fetus anyway.

    The weight you will have gained in your pregnancy will be much more than you expected as well. You could have gained the extra weight due to your own personal effort at eating. Again, this is not normal and this is not expected although many women see the opportunity of pregnancy and eat anything they find interesting.

    This is not recommended at all, and you are never supposed to indulge just because you are eating for two. This is not to forget the fact that your birth experience will be totally different if you are overweight and pregnant. Don’t forget to exercise as well.

    While you pregnant mothers become a little bigger and heavier, they will experience discomforts especially at night, doctors might recommend to use pregnancy pillows that best fits their needs.

    You could also be measuring large because you have inherent diseases that you have no idea of diabetes and preeclampsia are some of those diseases that will make you gain a lot of weight and measure much larger than your gestational age. Your doctor should perform tests and tell you of the results.