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Swallow Tail

Swallow Tail Butterfly in a jar by My Butterfly

With 4 to choose form we know It’s difficult deciding which butterfly option to go with when your getting your first My Butterfly so we’ve decided to give you a few facts about our butterfly range to help you out.

Did you know?

In the wild the Swallow Tail has an impressive average wingspan 12cm’s!

Swallowtails often rest with their wings fully spread, particularly if the sun is out.

The Eastern Tiger Swallowtail was formerly considered to be a single species with a vast range into northern Canada and the eastern United States. It has now been divided into a total of 3 species; the Eastern Tiger Swallowtail, which is found in the eastern USA, the Appalachian Tiger Swallowtail, which is found in the Appalachian Mountains and  the Canadian Tiger Swallowtail, which is found in Canada.

Swallowtail can be found almost anywhere deciduous forests occur. Some of its common habitats include, woodlands, woodland openings, woodland edges, fields, open areas, rivers, creeks, roadsides, gardens, urban parks, and city yards.

Note: Our butterflies whilst looking very realistic are in fact robotic toys, no insects were harmed in the making :)