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Blue Morpho

Blue Morpho Swallow Tail Butterfly in a jar by My Butterfly

With four different butterflies in the range it’s not an easy decision picking your first ever My Butterfly so we’ve decided to give you a few facts about our butterfly range to help you out.

blue-morpho-butterfly-in-a-jarDid you know?

Morpho butterflies are one of the most amazing creatures that can be seen in the tropical rainforests.

Blue Morpho caterpillars do not really like being disturbed! Dare you disturb it; the caterpillars secrete a foul smelling fluid!

This Blue Morpho is one of the biggest butterflies, their wingspan measures up to 20 cm’s width.

An adult Blue Morpho butterfly lives towards the ground area. These butterflies are therefore seen living in shrubs.

An adult Blue Morpho butterfly uses its long proboscis to suck juice from rotten fruits.

Note: Our butterflies whilst looking very realistic are in fact robotic toys, no insects were harmed in the making :)