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A delightful and unique gift from My Butterfly might well inspire children to learn something about other cultures and languages. The word “butterfly” itself is would be a great starting point. In French, a butterfly is “papillion”, in Bulgarian, “peperooda”, in Cantonese, “gorgoleta” and in Ethiopian it is “billambilloot”.  Culturally, butterflies feature in many folk tales and nursery rhymes. For example, this one from China (where “hue die” is the word for butterfly).

Yingtai, the daughter of a rich provincial lord disguises herself as a boy to get into higher education. She meets and falls in love with Shangbo, a talented and hard-working, but poor scholar. But Yingtai’s parents order her home to marry a rich man. It is then that she confesses to Shangbo her love for him. While the girl awaits her forced marriage Shangbo dies in the misery of his love for her. On the way to her wedding ceremony, Yingtai stops the carriage to pay tribute to Shangbo at his tomb. But, as she kneels, the tomb opens and she goes inside. The girl disappears, and onlookers only see two butterflies flying out of the door. It was said that this showed how Shangbo and Yingtai were now together at last, and were free from the bounds of tradition.

Unleash your child’s imagination and learning with an original gift of magic in a jar from My Butterfly.


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