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Turn Your Butterfly Jars Into a Christmas Tree

If you want to have a unique Christmas tree this year, make one with a few My Butterfly items from our collection.

We came up with this great idea for Christmas. Make your own tree. If you do not want to get a real tree and thus save one from being cut, but you also don’t like the plastic trees, we have an amazing idea for you! Make your own Christmas tree with butterfly jars! You can put one up by aligning a few jars on top of each other, forming a pyramid. You can put that small tree on your table or anywhere you want. We know that you keep your Christmas decorations, so you can get creative now. Get some of your old garlands, the shiny ornaments and cover the structure with them. You can even arrange some Christmas lights on that improvised tree. If you want you can leave one of the jars on the side and tap it from time to time to the amusement of your guests. A beautiful butterfly flapping its wings on a Christmas tree! If you have guests over or you are celebrating with your family, you can put that tree apart at the end of your Christmas dinner and give the jars with butterflies as presents.

You can get creative this year – put up your own Christmas tree and then give My Butterfly as a Christmas present!


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