Pickleball Tournament Is A Success!



“Fun Tournament” was a Huge Success! The Yellow County Pickleball Club was in good spirits during the “YCPC Fun Tournament- Dec 2016” held on December 10th and 12th.

With over 70 participants of various skill levels SCPC Members 2014, mixed ages and with competitions in Women’s and Men’s Doubles as well as the Mixed Doubles categories, it was a fun and competitive two days for all.

Another wonderful benefit of the “fun tournament” format was that the random draw and the different matching of partners for each game allowed players to team with folks who they may not normally get a chance to play with.

Thank you to our major sponsor and good friend Pierre Fassbender of Sportystation, you’re the man! Also your recent article, guide for top pickleball paddles is really helpful! Newbies, old players and all of us love your great article!

Thank you for helping us big time!

This added to the fun and created an exciting environment. While all participants played very well and had a lot of fun, the folks who made it to the finals matches were consistent and played some very skillful and intelligent pickleball.


We would like to recognize the winners of the tournament:

  • Women’s Doubles: Lori Keinath and Anita Johnson
  • Men’s Doubles: Anthony Miller and Pete Jordan
  • Mixed Doubles: Linda Shane and Blake Smith

Thanks to everyone who participated and a special big-time thanks to the tournament director Nolan Christophers. Nolan did a fantastic job of setting the tournament up, keeping it flowing throughout the two days and along with the YCPC officers promoting a fun and enjoyable experience! Nolan has graciously accepted our invitation to officially become the SCPC Tournament Director- yay!

Again, thank you to everyone who participated and congrats to all the winners! We will surely do this again next year and hope we gained more sponsors, more prices and more players! Advanced Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year guys! We love you all!


What Is A Convection Oven? Is It Worth The Extra Cost?



Ovens nowadays are getting more and more advanced. One of the features that’s gaining popularity is the convection feature. Not just in traditional range oven, but counter top toaster ovens, like the Breville BOV800XL. Today we’ll look at what a convection oven does.

What is convection?  

Well, in plain English, it means moving air. Hot air rises while cool air falls.  And the rising and falling action creates an air current. Imagine a lava lamp, the blob rises because the light bulb at the bottom is heating it up, and it falls because when the blob gets to the top, it cools down. Say you have the oven set for 350 degrees.

The air closest to the heating source, usually at the bottom or the top of the oven, is hotter than the air away from the heating source. When the hot air moves away from the heating source, it get’s cooler, and then it falls back down.

Technically, all ovens are convection ovens, because there is an airflow that occurs naturally from the difference in temperature. When we talk about convection ovens, it should actually be called “forced convection oven”.

Why forced?  

Because instead of just letting physics do it’s work, convection ovens add a fan that force the air to move around more rapidly.

What Are The Advantages of Convection Oven?

For starter, it creates a more evenly heated space. Since the hot air is moving around constantly by the fan, the rack position doesn’t matter as much. Also, if you are cooking on multiple racks, you don’t have to rotate them because the temperature will be the same from the top, middle to the bottom.

Another advantage is shorter cooking time at lower temperature. Since the heat is so evenly distributed, it cooks the food from all angles. Which means you don’t need to turn up the oven as high, and since it cooks more efficiently, it takes shorter time to cook…around 25% faster. If you like crispy crusts, then you are in luck.

Convection ovens creates crunchy crusts because the moving air whisks the excess moisture away from the food. It’s perfect for thicker cuts of meat and some baked goods because it browns without over cooking.

The same principle also works for reheating left overs. You can more quickly reheat the food without making it dry. Convection allows you to use lower temperature yet cooks up to 25% faster.

A convection toaster oven like the Bov800xl does this just about better than any other oven on the market. The smaller profile of this oven means it heats up even faster than a traditional oven, uses much less energy, and even faster cooking time because there is less space to heat up.

Which One To Buy?

As far as the best toaster convection oven goes, you can’t beat the Breville BOV800XL.  Check out this Breville BOV800XL Review to see why it’s rated Number 1 Convection Oven by America’s Test Kitchen.


The Pink Tennis Shoe



Pink shoes are one of the hottest styles this season, but as much as they are fashionable and fun, and as much as they offer you a great way to add feminine flair to an outfit, you still need to make sure that you’re choosing the right shade to reflect your own personal taste and to suit the clothing you’ll be wearing with them.

There is a balance between following a style and making it your own. It is easy to want to just dive right in and buy any pink shoes that tickle your fancy while you’re in the stores, but, like anything else, it really is best that you put a little bit of thought into your choice before you make the purchase.

The two main decisions that you should make are about the style of the footwear – for example, a heel, a tennis shoe, or something else in between – and the actual shade of the color. The shade of your pink shoes is actually an important part of the statement they will make.

No matter what shade you select, pink shoes will make a statement, however, the actual precise color does help to determine the type of impact that it has. The more you look around, the more you’ll discover that there is no real shortage of different levels of dark, pale, bright, and combinations from which to choose.


You need to decide if you want solid pink shoes or if you’d only like that shade to accent another more neutral color such as white or black.

You can also decide whether you want a softer shade, such as a baby or pastel color, or if you want a bold statement color such as the hotter and brighter hues such as fuchsia.

Fortunately today’s designers know how much we want to be able to alter the way we look in our pink shoes, and they have come up with some dynamite colors from which to choose.

They have made sure that you can express a fun loving and funky side of yourself, or that you can show your softer side to match a calmer mood or element of your character.

Gaining Weight During Pregnancy



When you are 33 weeks pregnant but already measuring at 35, there are so many reasons that could be attributed to it. First things first, you could be carrying more than one baby. (Yey, it’s a twin!) Naturally though, it is expected that at this time of your pregnancy, if you have more than one baby it will have already been discovered.

In the rarest of circumstances, some women are not able to know that they are carrying more than one baby in their pregnancies until much later in the pregnancy. That aside, it doesn’t matter if by this time in your pregnancy you have discovered that you are carrying more than one fetus or not, you will measure larger if you have more than one fetus anyway.

The weight you will have gained in your pregnancy will be much more than you expected as well. You could have gained the extra weight due to your own personal effort at eating. Again, this is not normal and this is not expected although many women see the opportunity of pregnancy and eat anything they find interesting.

This is not recommended at all, and you are never supposed to indulge just because you are eating for two. This is not to forget the fact that your birth experience will be totally different if you are overweight and pregnant. Don’t forget to exercise as well.

While you pregnant mothers become a little bigger and heavier, they will experience discomforts especially at night, doctors might recommend to use pregnancy pillows that best fits their needs.

You could also be measuring large because you have inherent diseases that you have no idea of diabetes and preeclampsia are some of those diseases that will make you gain a lot of weight and measure much larger than your gestational age. Your doctor should perform tests and tell you of the results.


The Value of E – Euler Functions and Transformation of Functions

The Euler Functions
The Euler Functions

We are going to continue examining some essential pre calculus functions. Euler’s constant (e) is a very important number in calculus. The value of e is equal to approximately 2.71828 and is the most convenient base for dealing with derivatives.

The reason for this comes down to limit analysis of a derivative (more on this in the limits section). Essentially though, it comes from the fact that if you take the derivative of an exponential function with base e (a Euler function), then the multiplicative constant of the derivative is just 1. It is important that you have a graphing calculator that is accurate and fast.

Graphically this is seen by the slope of the tangent at x=0 is one. Do not worry too much about this yet, we will see the full details of why this is important in the near future.We see in this lesson that e^x (the euler function) is between 2^x and 3^x and we see that the slope of then tangent at the y-axis is exactly 1.

The example in this video asks us to plot the graph of y = e^-x +2 , and to find its domain and range. We demonstrate this by plotting some points. By doing so we see that the graph is defined for all values of x, but y must be greater than 2.

The exponential function with base ‘e’ does not produce any negative values. Its lowest value is 0, and since we have a constant vertical translation of 2, the lowest value of the entire function will be 2.Even though you will not use the exact value of e very often, it is important to know where it stand numerically.

This is especially true when it comes time to plot exponential functions with different base values. Overall, euler’s number is one of the most convenient bases for studying calculus. This will become much more apparent when we get into differentiation rules and limits.

Transformation of Functions

The transformation of functions.
The transformation of functions.

Also, today we will be discussing the transformation of functions. One of the last algebra skill sets needed for differential studies. Function transformations are useful for graphing by hand. If we see that a complicated function is just a transformation of an easy function, then it is much easier to graph.

We see an example of this with a simple parabola y=x^2.Function translations are the easiest form of transformation. We see that we can move a function vertically by simply adding or subtracting a constant.

The graph y=x^2 can be shifted up 2 units; y=x^2+2. Horizontal translations are similar except that they move the original function left or right. Horizontal translations add or subtract a constant to the argument of the function. For example the graph of y=x^2 can be shifted to the right by 4 units; y=(x-4)^2.

Function stretching is achieved by multiplying a constant into our function. Similar to translations if the constant is applied to the whole function, then it will stretch vertically. If the constant is attached to the variable (x) then it will stretch in the horizontal direction.

I hope you learn some knowledge kids. Remember to study hard and math will become easy as 1,2,3! Good luck students!